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​Terms and Conditions

The Instructor: I will offer one to one in car tuition and am happy to help with any queries you have regarding the theory test.  I am also happy to set up a buddy system between current pupils if both parties show an interest.  I have been a fully trained Approved Driving Instructor since February 2016 and obtained a B grade at my first Standards Check.  I also hold a current DBS check which is updated as required.  My car will be well maintained, clean and tidy, fitted with dual controls and properly insured as a driving instructors vehicle.

Pupil/Instructor Relationship: The instructor/learner relationship is a purely professional one in all circumstances. Any personal comments, those of a discriminatory nature or actions the instructor deems to be inappropriate will not be tolerated. Comments include any racial, homophobic, sexist or questions about the instructor’s personal life. Inappropriate actions include persistent contact, texts, Facebook messages or phone calls where the subject is not driving related or is out of my working hours. The instructor reserves the right to cease teaching a learner if they feel uncomfortable by a learner’s comments or actions.

 Be fit to drive: Before lessons begin it is your responsibility to ensure you hold a current provisional license and that your eyesight meets the current requirements (Can read a new style number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres) Your eyesight and provisional license will be checked on your first lesson.  Any changes to your driving licence due to medical conditions or driving convictions must be communicated to me immediately.  If you need glasses or contact lenses please ensure you bring them for use at every lesson.

You are responsible to check any prescribed drugs that will affect your driving.  Please ensure that you attend in suitable and comfortable clothing, particularly footwear.  If I think you are unfit to drive for failing to meet any of these conditions, the lesson will be cancelled at your expense.

 Paying for lessons: Payments can be made in cash at the start of each lesson or before the first lesson of a block booking or intensive course. Larger payments can be paid electronically via online banking. Payment of intensive courses are required in full before the first lessson.  For block bookings I am happy to accept payment of 20 hours plus in two installments. Therefore the first payment would be due on the first lesson, second payment due on lesson eleven etc. Block bookings of 10 hours must be used within 6 months and 20 hours within 12 months. When purchasing a gift voucher electronically please use the pupils name as a reference. Gift vouchers must be presented at the first booked lesson and all lessons must be booked within the expiry date. 

 Cancellations and  lateness:  Any lesson cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the booked lesson or you will be charged for the full price of the lesson. Apart from in exceptional circumstances, if you need to terminate a block booking I will refund 25% of the cost of the outstanding lessons. In the event of either party being late for a lesson I would be grateful of a phone call or message to let me know.  If I am running late most likely due to traffic conditions and will be more than 10 minutes late I will pull over and contact you.

Your driving test:  I will make every effort to help you reach an appropriate standard of driving that will enable you to pass your driving test, In order to reach this standard you must try to maintain regular lessons leading up to your test otherwise your test date might have to be moved back to give you more time to prepare. I have an obligation to advise you to postpone your test date if you are not ready. I can refuse to take you to test. 

Driving tests should be booked by you after you have checked my availability. Driving test bookings always take priority over other lessons. Therefore, your lesson may be postponed to allow for someone else's driving test and vice-versa. Changes to lesson bookings as a result of this will be notified immediately. I would ask to be notified immediately a driving Test has been booked as my future lessons have to be booked around it; If sufficient notice is not given the availability of a vehicle for the test can not be guaranteed. 
The DSA requires three clear working days notice of cancellation or postponement of your test. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the loss of your test fee. I cannot be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation of tests by you or the DSA for any reason. 

 Data Protection: Any personal data you provide will be held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. After collection your personal data is stored electronically on my mobile device and on your assessment record.  Paper copies containing your personal data is locked in a filing cupboard and either returned to you or destroyed after you either pass your test or decide to stop lessons. In the case of you being involved in an incident whilst on a lesson your personal information may be kept for a longer period.  Information stored on my mobile device is deleted once lessons have ceased. If you give me information about another person, in doing so you confirm that they have given you permission to provide it to me to be able to process their personal data and also that you have told them who I am and what I will use their data for. I may discuss your progress with family members to either aid your private practice or if they pay for your lessons. Please let me know if you do not wish me to discuss your progress with family members.

By providing me with your personal data and contact details, you consent to being contacted by myself via post, telephone, email, SMS or other electronic means, to inform you about lessons and information which I consider may be of interest to you. I use both a front and rear facing dash cam to use in the case of an incident occurring involving another party and for teaching purposes.  Cameras only film events external to the vehicle and sound recording is permanently turned off.  The cameras are on continuous recording and filming is overwritten on a loop.  Films will only be retained if they are needed for either teaching or insurance purposes.

All persons undertaking lessons will be asked to sign a printed copy of these terms and conditions at their first lesson.