Amanda -  April 2016

"Love this woman, always makes you feel at ease, passed first time. Fantastic instructor."

Shaida - February 2016

"Liz is an exceptional driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone.  I had tried two other driving schools before meeting Liz as I didn't feel comfortable with them.  Liz however was friendly, easy to chat with and made the experience of learning to drive a fun one.  She never made me feel intimidated or stupid when I was having an off day.  I never thought I would pass first time when I started but she gave me confidence.  I wish I had more friends learning to drive so I could recommend her to them - Thanks Liz!"

Sereana - March 2016


Tel: 07730587498


Rebecca - October 2016

"Thank you so much! Over the past few weeks I could not of passed without you. You are a great instructor."

Abbie - October 2016

"I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Liz as my instructor. The way things were explained were simple and easy to understand, she would always be calm and make me feel at ease! She has continued to be very encouraging and supportive, which enabled me to pass my test first time!"

Kerri - October 2016

"Both my boys learnt to drive with Liz. They immediately felt comfortable and said what a great teacher she was. When you are investing your hard earned money into driving lessons you want to know you are getting value for money.  I didn't just get value for money but an instructor who was dedicated to my sons passing. They did first time! Would wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Jenny - January 2017

"Liz is a wonderful instructor who is friend;y, supportive, patient and really knows her stuff! I couldn't recommend her more - so pleased that I learnt (and passed) with Liz!"

Jane - February 2017

"I passed first time with Liz she's a great instructor and so easy to get on with. Never late for your lesson, definitely would recommend."

Kim - February 2017

Super pleased with my first few lessons, I have learnt

so much from Liz already after not getting very far

with a previous instructor a few years back.

Liz makes me feel very comfortable and has a great

personality so that learning doesn't get boring or

repetitive. All in all I would most definitely recommend"

Kim passed first time in August 2017

Tina - February 2017

My son Charlie passed with Liz first time after failing two other tests with another instructor, he was so pleased with her and as a result is an excellent driver. Will be booking my other son with Liz too! We wouldn't go anywhere else."

Robyn - February 2017

Making learning to drive eay. Patient, friendly and understanding of what you need. Helping you feel relaxed and ready to pass."

Shannon - February 2017

"I have had bad experiences in the past with driving

instructors but have found driving lessons with

Liz so much more relaxed and easy.  Such a lovely

lady and she really knows her stuff when it comes

to driving and she puts up with my singing as I drive.

She is always willing to go the extra mile to make

my lessons as worth while as possible, thank you Liz!"

Salma - February 2017

"Best instructor, she was my second instructor and it was the best decision I made to learn with her. I have become more confident as a driver and know with her help I will pass with flying colours" 

Jawad - September 2017 

After staying too long with an instructor where I was getting nowhere. I decided to try Liz. Liz was really helpful in pointing out where I could improve, whilst providing a really supportive and friendly learning environment. I passed a few weeks later.  If you are looking for a driving instructor I would highly recommend Liz.

Zoe - October 2017

I passed first time with Liz in February since then I have felt comfortable driving like I've been on the roads for years! Liz was extremely professional and allowed me to work at my own pace while remaining extremely patient as I struggled with my manoeuvres!

I would recommend Learn with Liz to anyone and everyone! I don't think I could've succeeded so quickly with anyone else!

John - November 2017

Brilliant Instructor who is calm and patient and will tell you when you're doing wrong 10/10

Leanne - January 2018

Only had a short amount of time learning with Liz (due to her move to Devon) but she was a fantastic driving instructor! She made me feel so much more confident driving and explained everything in an easy way to understand. Thank you Liz!